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  • develop greater understanding of anatomy in relationship to movement and energy
  • encourage use of space with both body and focus
  • utilize imagery as a catalyst for deeper connection to daily studio practice
  • inspire use of expression and artistry as communication
  • emphasize musicality and dynamics through use of time and space
  • empower each individual to reach beyond personal boundaries
  • stimulate a strong sense of personal responsibility for each artist's growth
Improvisation / Choreographic Composition
  • create an atmosphere safe for experimentation
  • encourage dancers to relearn how the body moves in each class
  • promote independent reflection and evaluation for newly acquired knowledge 
  • lead mindful observation and discussion 
  • encourage active risk taking and decision making
  • provide examples of how each new discovery can inform expand the artist's toolbox
Repertorie Workshops
  • designed specifically for each organization to fit the needs of the curriculim
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