Broadway World         December 22, 2020

92Y Harkness Dance Center Announces A Call for Submissions For THE FUTURE DANCE FESTIVAL


Created by Harkness Dance Center director Taryn Kaschock Russell, the Future Dance Festival is a choreographic competition aiming to give new creators an opportunity to showcase their work.

Broadway World         August 13, 2020

Dorrance Dance and Shamel Pitts/TRIBE Named as 92Y 2020-21 Artists in Residence


Harkness Dance Center director Taryn Kaschock Russell notes "During this crucial time when most artists have-unfortunately-found their audiences, performance spaces, and earning potential all evaporate overnight, we wanted to provide a platform for inspirational voices to be amplified - which is why we're especially proud to name Dorrance Dance and TRIBE as this year's Artists in Residence so that they are able to continue to bring their message of inclusion and representation to audiences around the world."

Dance Magazine           June 20, 2020

What the Pandemic Has Given Us

Given the devastating effects of COVID-19 on the dance field, it can be easy to get caught up in all that's been taken away from us. But just focusing on the loss doesn't offer the full picture of what's actually happened.

Recently, I hopped on a Zoom call organized by Harkness Dance Center director Taryn Kaschock Russell where an array of artists and admins from across the country answered the question, "What has this time given you?"

Playbill            August 28, 2019

92Y Taps Juilliard Dance Director Taryn Kaschock Russell to Lead Harkness Dance Center

The 92Y has selected recent Juilliard Dance Division Acting Artistic Director Taryn Kaschock Russell to serve as the new Director of the Harkness Dance Center, which has been an integral incubator for new forms of dance since its founding 85 years ago.

Broadway World        August 28, 2019

92nd Street Y Names Juilliard's Taryn Kaschock Russell New Director Of The Harkness Dance Center

As the Director of The Harkness Dance Center, Ms. Kaschock Russell will focus on shaping 92Y's dance programming and education for the next generation of dancers and audiences, reimaging the world of dance at 92Y. Invested in the belief that access to dance should be universal and inclusive, she is committed to further diversifying Harkness' programming, artists, and patrons. 

Dance Land          September 3, 2019

Juilliard Dance Division’s Acting Artistic Director Taryn Kaschock Russell Named New Director Of The Harkness Dance Center

“As a dance educator and director, I seek to inspire individuals to reach their full potential and I am honored to continue my work to expand access to dance and the arts at one of the most esteemed and innovative dance centers in the world,” said Taryn Kaschock Russell, incoming Director of The Harkness Dance Center. “I’m committed to building on Harkness’ legacy as an inclusive arts institution to share the transformative power of dance with individuals of all ages and backgrounds.”

Dance Teacher          September 6, 2018

Juilliard's Taryn Kaschock Russell Shares What It's Like to Be a Dancer With Scoliosis

Dance Teacher: What are the challenges dancers with scoliosis face?

Taryn Kaschock Russell: There are a number of challenges that go along with your internal architecture not matching any specific line you're supposed to be able to make in dance. Pretty much nothing in ballet class works with how my back and body is. It took creativity and imagination to try to figure out how to execute lines and movement to make them look similar to what was being asked of me. It made me look at what movement does for ballet rather than just looking at a position and trying to emulate it.